TaniandBoogzProject Name: Ecotour Fundraiser

 About Tani: 

At about age 4, Tani's parents sat her down and explained that as a family they were becoming vegetarians and that they were no longer  going to eat anything with a face. This made total sense to little Tani and she never looked back. 
Throughout her childhood and adulthood, her parents encouraged her connection with animals, especially her fascination with orangutans. 
Now, Tani is a business consultant, vegan, human caregiver to Boog Z and Shirley and an avid runner.

Why am I doing this?

I am embarking on a life changing adventure. 
I am looking forward to growing through my observations and interactions with nature and animals in Borneo and hope to come back and educate others about the plight of the orangutans.

Want to help Tani?  Here is how you can help Tani fundraise the required donation to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation. Click on the Paypal button and enter the amount you would like to contribute. Donations on behalf of Tani to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

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