Dr. Gary Shapiro Welcomes You

Friday 17th November, 2006 -- Medan, Sumatra -- To celebrate the success Dr. Gary, myself (John Page), Panut, Barita, Ridhwan and Andrea headed out in search of ...... yes Durians.

Barita said that he knew of the best Durians in Medan, for Dr. Gary the proof would be in the eating.

We arrived at the roadside stall, sat down at a table and the Durians arrived. Judging by the blissful look on Dr. Gary's face plus the fact that his eyes were either closed or rolled back in his head these may well be the best Durians in Medan.

We all climbed back into the SOCP vehicle and then realized that Dr. Gary was still savouring the aroma of the Durians.

Durian must bring out the superhero strength because Dr. Gary managed to pull the door handle off the car door. We all wondered how long it would take Ian Singleton to figure out the passenger door handle was missing. Of course we are an honest bunch and all wanted to tell Ian the Dr. Gary had pulled the handle off with his Durian induced superstrength.



A group of us partake in the pleasures of the durian at a street fruit stand in Medan following a successful CWS.