Dr. Gary Shapiro Welcomes You

Thursday November 16th, 2006 -- Berastagi, Sumatra -- Originally we were going to take the attendees out into the forest to show them the problems first hand. However both of the suitable locations were suffering some unrest amongst the people and it was decided that time would be better spent discussing the education programs.

 After the discussion the attendees were given 4 questionaires one for each target group. The responses from the questions will be analysed and the results will be presented at the summit. Each set of 4 sheets was given a unique identifier.

Of course the format had changed since I started developing the database. I started the rework whilst we were waiting for the bus to take us down the mountain back to Medan and the Emerald Garden Hotel.

So far the the events have been a total success the energy level is up and the passion for the rainforest and the Orangutans is apparent. Tomorrow is the Workshop Wrap-up in the morning and the Summit in the afternoon.


Some of the workshop attendees preparing to get down to work on the issues at hand.

Portrait of workshop attendees







Groups photograph of most of the invited attendees to the Workshop portion of the CWS.