Dr. Gary Shapiro Welcomes You

July 1, 2007 - Santa Monica, CA.   The Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI) has established itself as a legal non-government organization in Indonesia to expand its efforts to save orangutans through education and other programs. Called OUREI Indonesia, the all-Indonesian group is based in Jakarta and is lead by OUREI Ambassador Angelina Sondakh, OUREI Co-founder Inggriani Shapiro, and businessman Soedomo Mergonoto.  The new organization has been structured according to the latest legal requirements for NGOs in Indonesia and will operate in conjunction with OUREI.

According to OUREI Chairman Dr. Gary Shapiro, “OUREI Indonesia represents the next phase of OUREI’s goals of developing a strong Indonesian operation that can provide management and oversight of education programs and projects co-funded with OUREI”. The Orangutan Caring Clubs of Indonesia (CPOI) will continue to play an important role in delivering outreach and formal education programs to the local communities in Indonesia. Currently, members of CPOI North Sumatra are presenting education programs to students in schools in Medan through funding from OUREI as part of the Sumatran Orangutan Education Program. Over time, OUREI Indonesia will administer the CPOI programs as new chapters are created in communities on Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. 

OUREI Indonesia will also administer scholarship programs to fund qualified students and educators to encourage Indonesia academics in conservation education. OUREI Indonesia will also take the lead in planning and coordinating Orangutan Caring Week in Indonesia each November as well as working with other organizations in facilitating conservation education.  

While OUREI and OUREI Indonesia strive to save the orangutan from extinction, that mission cannot be accomplished without an educated citizenry knowledgeable in conservation principles and respectful of the laws that protect both species and habitat. OUREI Indonesia in partnership with OUREI will develop and manage programs, conferences, and workshops in collaboration with other Indonesian NGOs and governments to provide avenues for the people of Indonesia to appreciate and celebrate the orangutan as a vital aspect of their heritage. In doing so, the orangutan and other wildlife that share their habitat will be protected for future generations. 

For more information, contact OUREI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.