YPOI (Orangutan Caring Foundation of Indonesia) is an active foundation with an office in Medan, North Sumatra. YPOI obtained its foundation status in 2016 following its start as Club Peduli Orangutan of Indonesia (CPOI) for 11 years. YPOI is well respected among the various provincial governmental offices as well as its partner NGOs in the region. YPOI is headed by Mr. Herman Syahputra, who is also the project manager of the Mobile Education & Conservation Unit (MECU) program.


YPOI (and CPOI-Sumut previously) has implemented numerous outreach and education programs since 2006. In recent years YPOI and CPOI-Sumut have delivered innovative education programs in local Medan schools, held Orangutan Youth Camps, coordinated Orangutan Caring Week activities, and have created and held after school education programs in their offices for hundreds of local children.


They have also participated with the local Forestry Department in distributing and planting trees and have developed and promoted urban conservation programs the "Greening of Wedding" and school yard tree-planting programs. Their Student Ambassador program encourages selected youth from each school to continue their involvement with CPOI-Sumut. CPOI-Sumut has also integrated community health programs within their array of projects.


CPOI-Sumut, now YPOI, works with OURF in implementing the Mobile Education and Conservation Unit (MECU) Program. The program started with US Fish & Wildlife Service support in providing them with a rugged vehicle to access remote villages. Today, the MECU program, under YPOI operation, is delivering education and training to people in selected villages near orangutan habitat in order to reduce the conflict between villagers and the ape populations.