Join Our Campaigns Benefiting Orangutan Survival

Campaign for Orangutan Caring Week in MedanCampaigns do work. In 2005, we successfully campaigned for an officially declared Orangutan Caring Week in Indonesia: Pekan Peduli Orang Utan. Each year OCW has increased in participation in Indonesia and around the world.  Join OUR campaign to raise orangutan awareness and concern. Be part of the solution to save orangutans. Learn more by clicking here.

Click here to sign a petition rejecting the Aceh Spatial Plan and supporting the preservation of the Aceh forests.  The Aceh forests are in danger because of the recently approved Aceh Spatial Plan. The poorly written plan is on the President of Indonesia's desk and we need him to reject it.



Click here to sign a petition supporting the preservation of the relict forest on the Sekonyer River in Tanjung Puting National Park.



Fly OUR Flag

ourfflag1Join people from around the world in a show of solidarity of orangutans and our vision by flying the orangutan flag and sending a photograph of the flag to our Facebook FlyOURFlag page. Designed by author and journalist Shawn Thompson, the flag makes a clear statement of your support of the OURF mission. You can download a high resolution image of the flag here and make your own sign or go to CafePress and purchase the banner or lawn sign. Your purchase of the sign (or other items) at CafePress supports our programs.




 Take the #FreetobeWild Campaign Challenge

No ice buckets needed!  Just download Duyok's image and print his face onto some recycled paper. Then add the #FreetobeWild and your location: example, #FreetobeWild in Beverly Hills...or whereever you are. Then take a selfie with the picture and tweet it to #FreetobeWild.  If you have an orangutan doll, you can do the same thing... take a selfie with the doll and tweet it to #FreetobeWild. This campaign officially starts on Sept 26th.




Petition Campaign to Stop the Illegal Orangutan Trade

dead mother and babyYou can help us in our current campaign to "Stop the Illegal Orangutan Trade" by signing our online petition. The link is on our homepage or directly at Once you sign, please help us by asking friends and family to sign the petition as well.

You can also download the petition, make copies, and collect signatures for us. After you collect the signatures, send them to us and we will present them to Indonesian officials. We will keep you informed about the status of the petition and our efforts to work with Indonesian officials to improve law enforcement regarding the illegal trade.

Enrolling Officials

We also encourage you to write letters and send email to officials to encourage and thank them for supporting activities that benefit orangutan survival.  Be polite and to the point in your correspondence.  For a list of addresses and emails, click here for Indonesian Consulate offices throughout the World, for Indonesian Embassies throughout the World, and for Malaysian Embassies and Consulates throughout the World.

Purchase Wisely

We also encourage you purchase products with regards to their health and environmental impacts. We suggest that you avoid purchasing products that use palm oil, palm kernel or other palm oil plant products unless they come from sustainable sources. Click here to learn about products that contain palm oil and other parts of the palm oil fruit. Palm oil plantations have been replacing biodiverse rainforest, home of the orangutan and other wildlife. Check the product's ingredient list to see if palm oil or other palm oil components are being used. If you visit Starbucks coffee shops, download this guide to Orangutan Safe bakery items.  You can also write to companies that are using palm oil in products asking them to eliminate palm oil, consider alternatives, or insure they are using sustainably produced palm oil in the product. An example letter can be downloaded here and modified for your use.