treeplantingcpoiTrees provide numerous benefits to the local people and wildlife as well as the global community (the net effect of forests on reducing global greenhouse gases). The Orangutan Caring Club of North Sumatra (CPOI-Sumut), the field action branch of OURF, works with the provincial Forestry Department to distribute and plant trees as part of government and non-government sponsored tree-planting programs. OURF, through our sister organization in Jakarta (OUREI Indonesia) sponsor and encourage CPOI-Sumut to conduct tree-planting in schools, parks and other urban venues as well as participate in large scale events such as national tree-planting day or tree-planting month. OURF, through the MECU program, will support the planting of trees in degraded habitat areas in and around the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Tree-planting ceremony during Medan weddingCPOI-Sumut also initiated “The Greening of Wedding”- a popular addition to the traditional wedding ceremonies in the Medan, Sumatra area. Couples planning to marry are contacted by CPOI-Sumut who offer to provide saplings for the couple and their parents to plant as part of their wedding. The significance of planting fruit bearing trees during the beginning of their married life symbolizes the couple’s desire to be fruitful within the society. The ceremony was CPOI-Sumut’s idea and is being more widely implemented in North Sumatra.


OURF has launched an Adopt-a-Tree certificate program for anyone who would like to help CPOI-Sumut continue to increase the level of their tree-planting activities. Learn more about how you can participate by clicking here