After school classes being conducted by CPOI staffThe Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF), OUREI Indonesia, and CPOI are committed to providing quality outreach programs to the local communities they serve. Our Indonesian field organizations, CPOI (Orangutan Caring Clubs of Indonesia) bring the conservation education message to schools, government offices, and the community-at-large in a variety of formal and informal methods. Active in Jakarta and Medan, CPOI partners with schools from grade school through high school to insure the orangutan is better understood by young generation. CPOI and OUREI Indonesia also seek the support of local, regional and national government which helps to educate government officials about the issues facing orangutans. CPOI and OUREI Indonesia additionally networks with other orangutan and conservation NGOs to more effectively leverage funds in conducting education events and projects. CPOI-Sumut, for example, is active in the Sumatran Orangutan Education Consortium and the Forum for Sumatran Orangutan Conservation (FOKUS).

mecusurveyOURF seeks out and administers funds to enable OUREI Indonesia and CPOI to conduct community outreach programs where they are needed. CPOI-Sumut continues to build its capacity to deliver quality conservation education to communities in both urban and rural regions of North Sumatra.