The Orang Utan Republik Foundation seeks to forge partnerships with schools in the United States that recognize the value to furthering an understanding and appreciation by students of orangutan and its plight. When school administration works with OURF to create programs and projects of excellence to support OURF's mission, we are compelled to reciprocate that support.  

kingchavezlogoOURF's first partnership is with King-Chavez Community High School (KCCHS) in San Diego, California.  The partnership signed on January 29, 2013, will provide the framework for developing activities for students to better understand the great red ape and to take action to support its conservation. Projects and activities will be developed with the lead school administrator for the partnership. One of the first activities will be establishing a school chapter of OURF and enrolling students to participate in the chapter. Students will be able to obtain credit for participation necessary for graduating from high school. In addition to learning about the orangutan and the issues facing the species, the students will participate and manage activities such as a palm oil audit, to determine the extent to which this controversial oil is used in products within their home and local businesses. They will also create and display educational installations to graphically communicate to the school and community the significance and value of endangered wildlife and habitat as well as the role everyone has to insure their long term survival.  The school chapter will also conduct fundraising activities to help OURF fund its various programs.